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I believe we can all thrive. I help people in creating happier and more satisfying lives for themselves.

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I understand that achieving a happier and more satisfying life may seem unattainable. I get it. Often, we need to learn a few new skills or cultivate new kinds of awareness to live our best lives, but that can take time, which can be frustrating. However, counselling and psychotherapy can benefit you greatly if you give it a chance.

I have dedicated five years to post-graduate studies and am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). Now, I have my private practice, where I have successfully assisted clients with various challenges.

Emma Arnold

Counsellor and Psychotherapist – MBACP


Many clients seek therapy due to difficult life transitions, recurring anxiety, depression, relationships, or work-related stress.

Interestingly, as they progress in one area, they often find they are better equipped to tackle problems and experience joy in other aspects of their lives. This phenomenon can be attributed to neuroplasticity, the brain’s remarkable ability to rewire through deliberate thinking, learning, and action.

This process mirrors how a child’s abilities develop initially, so it is essential to experience warmth and compassion from a therapist like a nurturing parent to achieve successful outcomes. Please don’t worry; you will never encounter a cold or judgmental attitude from me. Through a cooperative, supportive relationship with the right therapist who you can trust and feel comfortable with, you can learn how to cope with what the “universe” throws your way. By openly talking, reflecting upon, and fully experiencing the thoughts and emotions weighing you down, overwhelming you, and holding you back, you will learn to know yourself better and to live more consciously and deliberately.

As a therapist, witnessing my clients become more energised and optimistic, particularly regarding relationship issues, brings me immense joy. Our fulfilment as human beings largely stems from our ability to connect with others effectively.

If you are struggling with a challenging work or personal relationship or feel isolated without meaningful connections, book a free chat with me. You deserve to thrive!

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On getting to know me better during your free chat, if you feel we are a good match, we will continue to work together to gain insight and understanding of your experiences. I will help you to build your confidence, self-acceptance and a sense of self-worth by exploring new perspectives for a happier and more fulfilling life.